Transformation Starts from Within

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Shine On

Infrared Session


55-Minute Treatment


Detoxify and Polish Your Inner Light

Our saunas at HOT HAVEN heat your body, transforming you from the inside out. Some benefits of infrared sauna sessions include improved skin, strengthened immune system, pain relief, anti-aging, removal of toxins, cellular level rejuvenation and improved circulation.

Ready to feel fully alive and get your sweat on? We offer two different options in experiencing our infrared sauna.

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Sauna Cabin


Looking for some alone time? Then this is for you. In your own personal suite, experience our full body, full spectrum infrared sauna. Add some background music or listen to your podcast du jour during your customized, pre-set session. From anti-aging to detoxification, you choose what results you’re after then you sit back and let the cleansing sweat commence.

HOT HAVEN’S full Spectrum Sauna clients enjoy the following benefits cellular health, pain relief, wound healing, skin rejuvenation, improved circulation, weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction and of course ultimate relaxation.

Alone time not your thing? Bring a friend for only $25.


Body Wrap

This is our most popular service, and you’ll quickly discover why. Scene: You’re lying down in a luxurious treatment bed a la your favorite spa, you’re wrapped in a warm-bath hug by our highest quality infrared body wraps. Your head is exposed so you can breathe (check!)  fresh, clean air and self-regulate your body temperature to ensure you have the most relaxing and incredible experience.

Add in some Netflix to chill, or not! Meditate, listen to music, or enjoy the silence for this 55-minute treatment. It’s the hug your whole body will love.


Let It Glow

Lymphatic Cleanse



55 Minute Treatment

Unwind and Release It All


Believe us when we say, you’re going to feel real good after this one. The world is full of pollution - in the air, in the water, on our screens - this treatment helps navigate through the junk and re-align your body and mind with what makes you feel your best. Our lymphatic cleanse is a relaxing and rejuvenating massage for your entire body aimed to release toxins and support the body in healthy blood circulation.

Some benefits from the lymphatic cleanse include: the cleansing of the lymphatic system, improves circulation, removes excess fluids from the body, improves the immune system, assist in weight loss and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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What’s The Lymphatic System Anyway?


Our body functions thanks to lots of systems -- circulatory, immune, nervous, digestive -- and one that is often skipped right over is the lymphatic system. But this powerhouse system is what helps to keep us healthy from the inside out. The lymphatic system’s expansive primary function is to remove waste from all the cells while also helping to regulate the immune system.

A lymphatic cleanse supports the heavy-lifting required for the lymphatic system to properly do its job by giving it a little boost forward. Unlike the heart (circulatory system) that has a natural pump to keep the blood moving, the lymphatic system is reliant on the contracting and releasing motions of joints and muscles. So other than staying hydrated, eating good foods for your digestion, and moving your body, you can help the lymphatic system with a more manual cleanse.


What the Glowing Process Feels Like


Similar to a warm-bath hug but with an extra squeeze. You’ll be lying down in the spa bed of your dreams in a full body suit that is connected to a device administering evenly applied pressure throughout your entire body. The pressure helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to circulate and drain. If you don’t fall asleep right away, you can watch a show, listen to music or whatever you want to do to help you relax throughout the treatment.